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  • Sticks & Wombat help attract over 4,000 people to Expo

Sticks & Wombat help attract over 4,000 people to Expo

  • amurra41
  • May 14, 2018
  • 2018

By Kamin Gock and Adam Murray

The Bathurst Sustainable Living Expo celebrated its 10th year running at the Bathurst Showground on Saturday.

To celebrate the milestone, Bathurst Regional Council attracted new audiences by inviting entertaining talents and celebrity guests.

Over 4,000 people flocked over to the Expo to learn about sustainable living. Reality TV stars from The Block 2017, Sticks (Mark Croker) and Wombat (Clinton Price) spoke twice over the day discussing cost-affordable sustainable design.

The event also had interactive sessions with Zoo to You and shows from musical group Junkyard Beats.

Sticks & Wombat spoke at the Expo


Event organiser Rachael Young said these popular special guests help attract people to the Expo that wouldn’t normally come.

“Council is an organization that is there for the whole community, so we want to make sure that the Sustainable Living Expo is accessible to everyone,” she said.

“We have workshops for kids, we have the zoo program that teaches the family about native wildlife, we have high energy shows and we get celebrities in, so we have different audiences to what would normally come to a Sustainable Living Expo.”

Director of Dynamic Solar Leah Hudson has had a stall at the Expo for the past five years and says the growth of the event is a “testament to how people feel about the environment and sustainable living options”.

Two events are better than one

29 displays were on show for the public to see while the Expo ran in conjunction with the popular Farmers Markets which hosted 79 different stalls.

The Expo changed its venue five years ago to be held at the showground with the Farmers Markets in hope to raise greater awareness to the Bathurst community.

Large crowds at the Bathurst Showground 

“Its grown a lot, it has been a really good step forward for us as it has really helped the Farmers Markets and it has really helped us grow our event,” Ms Young said.

“Over the last couple of years, we have really learnt about how the Farmers Markets work and what the people of Bathurst want, and this has helped us grow the event quite substantially.”

A family focus

Ms Young said the past couple of years the council have pushed a more family focused event in hope to educate the younger generations on how to “look after our earth better for the future”.

This family focus is what Sticks & Wombat valued most about the event. The pair particularly were impressed with the genuine interest from the Bathurst community.

“The kids are the future, once the kids start harping the parents have got to listen, so if we can get into their heads they are going to tell mum and dad what has to be done,” they said.

“They’re the next generation and if it’s normal for them then they will continue it on, while older generations it’s kind of a new thing and they don’t know what to do with it just yet.”

Kids engaging in workshop at the Expo.

The pair were welcomed by the local community, leaving the two with a fond impression of Bathurst.

“Normally when you talk to someone about sustainability they just shut off, where as Bathurst people are really taking it in and want to know,” they said.

“It’s a bit of a shock really because normally when we talk to people about it they shut off and don’t want to hear about it, where in Bathurst everyone has been open to what we have to say.”

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