Steps to reduce air pollution this winter

With winter well and truly in term, there are numerous simple steps that residents in the central west can take in order to reduce air pollution.

Wood smoke particles can create a smoke haze in built up areas, as well as pose health risks for those who could possibly experience difficulty breathing such as people with respiratory conditions, young children and elderly people.

Below are some steps that can reduce these risks:

  1. Don’t allow the wood heater to smoulder overnight.
  2. Burn only dry, aged hardwood.
  3. Store would under a cover in a dry, ventilated area.
  4. Don’t burn rubbish, driftwood or painted or treated wood.
  5. Use lots of dry kindling when lighting a cold heater.
  6. Use several smaller logs rather than a large one so air can circulate once stacked near the heater.
  7. Keep the flame bright.
  8. Check the chimney regularly to see how well the fire is burning.
  9. Clean the chimney every year to avoid creosote build-up.
  10. Make sure the wood heater has a compliance plate showing it meets the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 4013).