One on One with Matthew Findlay

When Matt Findlay started in the business, media was only a small component of the advertising industry. Where there are still many people that are still producing traditional advertising campaigns and modern journalism pieces. Matt believes in four factors in the way the media advertising is should grab the eye of the reader;


Media advertising is becoming hip.

Media advertising has turned digital.

Media advertising is throughout social media.

Media advertising is not only now cool, It’s becoming relevant.

When working within an industry that is constantly coming up with innovative ideas in ways to advertise brands or concepts, Matt believes in key characteristics that can make yourself and the campaign stick out from the rest.

“It’s a cutthroat industry, but working your way up is part of the challenge. Be willing to learn. No one is ever perfect, nor will they be. Embrace that fact and take everything – useful or not – in. On that, never be satisfied and don’t get comfortable. Make the effort to get better in any way you can. Quality over quantity”, said Matt.


With the industry always trying grab the eye of the consumer with a certain campaign or news piece, Matt states, “If you don’t enjoy writing or producing it, the readers won’t enjoy looking at it”.



Media sits at the intersection of entertainment, marketing and advertising, being well organised is the key to making or breaking a media campaign in having those three components sit will together. Matt believes that time management is a contributing factor in determining a successful news articles or media campaign.


“Set yourself deadlines before the actual deadline is due”, exaggerates Matt.


Everyone in the industry needs to be a media expert, especially when it comes to determining your target audiences. At the very least, you need to be as familiar with generic information of all audiences and as well as niche your target audiences. This can be all developed through research and development.


“Don’t be segmented to one group. Keep up with the shows people are watching. Set aside time to read as much as you can online”, states Matt.


An Advertising Campaign planning is about integrating all the types of media. As advertising services increasingly specialize and splinter, it is becoming harder to see the bigger picture. Integrated advertising techniques have become even more an imperative to a brands success. The communications planning of media campaigns is an important facilitator of that integration. With this Matt tries to make every bit of material he does colourful, with a touch of humor and just entertaining really.


“Above all, I just want the audiences to enjoy and react to each bit of material I do”, says Matt.


By Virginia Green