New Store Says No to Penalty Rate Cuts

JB Hi-Fi Bathurst

New Bathurst store, JB Hi-Fi are saying no to penalty rate cuts. Source: Getty images.

The entire country is facing some big changes over the next couple of years thanks to Fair Work Australia ruling to cut the undoubtedly cherished, penalty rate cuts.

This change will be no different for our own residents who work in fast food, hospitality, retail or pharmacy. Many will be saying goodbye to those wonderful double time weekends and over time bonuses that help them pay their bills.

However, the introduction of JB Hi-Fi into Stocklands has taken a public stand against this decision. The company’s Chief Executive, Richard Murray has gone above and beyond this month to loudly tell the country that the brand’s employees are an ‘asset’ and JB Hi-Fi will not be all-a-boarding Fair Work Australia’s, penalty rate farewell train.

The newly opened store has welcomed new and old employees alike and promises that those beloved penalty rates will continue to put money in everyone’s pockets as long as the staff member was employed before August.

Store manager, Sarah Leferve has said she thinks it has helped the new store gain and maintain some valuable employees. “A lot of businesses do not understand the priority of keeping your staff not just happy but feeling like they are genuinely cared about”. Lefevre says that this kind of attitude promotes a positive work ethic, making employees want to work harder.

Keenan Grace, a staff member who has moved from Dubbo to work at the new tech brand, believes that without the penalty rates he would barely be making enough money to live. “I do not understand the decision at all but I am grateful that I get to work somewhere that is against it. It helps me to live a normal life which every Australia should have the right to do if they are working full-time and are contributing members of their communities”.

Inside JB Hi-Fi Bathurst

Business is looking good for the new store with customers always walking through the door. Source: Getty Images.

Customers in Stocklands have said they hope other employers will take a leaf out of JB’s book and choose to maintain penalty rates to help support the local community. If not, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has said that nearly half a million people will lose up to $6,000 a year. With hundreds of thousands of workers, including some of the nation’s lowest paid, facing a significant wage cut, the next couple of months will reflect just how big a difference this will make – from the city to the coast and the country.


Bailee Dean, CCI News.