More the Merrier for Female Teams


The introduction of female sport competitions in traditionally male dominated sports has become a regular theme in the Central West in recent years.

The Westfund Amanda Ferguson Cup has been the newest inclusion on the list of female sport competitions occurring in the region.

With the 11-team, 10-a-side tournament nearing the end of its inaugural season, the competition is set to remain with several people’s expectations being exceeded.

As the New Era Ladies League Tag has also drawn an end to its season, the female comp is going from strength-to-strength with 138 players participating in the most recent season.

The competition which features seven teams joined the New Era Midwest format four seasons ago with the comp historically been composed of only male sides.

First year league tag player for the CSU Mungals Dillon Van De Wint who recently helped her side win the grand final says she has been pleasantly surprised by the response for the sport in the region.

“Im stoked that the New Era Cup have gotten around the girl’s comp and that we’ve been able to show what we can do,” Said Dillon.

“To get 7 teams to enter this year just shows that there are plenty of girls in the region willing to have a go.”

“We’ve been really happy about all the continued support we get from Mungoes boys side, it definitely makes you feel a lot more welcomed into the club and the sport.”

This rise of female teams and participation in sports in the Central West has been aided by the introduction of an annual female State of Origin fixture and the establishment of the Women’s NRL Premiership.

With the inaugural Women’s State of Origin match occurring earlier this year in front of nearly 7000 spectators, the establishment of these female fixtures are the start of a number of planned tournaments in the future for female sport.
As the NRL is set to kick-off the Women’s Premiership in just a few weeks, promoters are hoping these matches will encourage young females to come play sports that previously haven’t featured female participants.

Photo: CSU Mungoes Rugby League