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Mental Health Organisations; Are they really as helpful as we think?

More than fifty mental health organisations have pledged to improve the well being of Australians suffering with mental illness’, amid claims life expectancy for those living with mental illness are 14-23 years less then those living without.

Statistics revealed 1 in 4 Australians aged 16-24 are living with a mental disorder and 1 in 3 experiences moderate to high levels of psychological distress while only 13 per cent of men in that demographic receiving the care they need.

But, are mental health organisations within the Central West really trying there hardest to close the gap?

Local twenty-six year old, Rebecca, has been suffering with her mental health for nearly 15 years and never questioned the efforts of organisations in the area until three years ago.

After realising she needed to talk to a professional, Rebecca turned to a well-known mental health organisation in the area for help but instead was left in the dark.

Not only was she suffering from the illness dubbed the ‘black dog’; she was also in a domestic violent relationship. She reached out to one particular organisation, which specialises in youth and young adult aged up to 25 years old, an age Rebecca had not yet reached.

“I had a couple of appointments but one day my violent boyfriend hit me and I didn’t feel up to going to the appointment. I was waiting for a phone call from them checking up on me after all I was suicidal”, she said. “I never good a phone call, they didn’t call to see if I was okay let alone alive, they just forgot about me”.

Left feeling alone and unwanted, Rebecca wondered if all mental health organisations in the area were the same but luckily there are some out there that do care.

“There was another situation similar were I didn’t show up for an appointment but my doctor and the receptionist called to see if I was okay. Some do care, you just have to find them”.

With more than eight people taking their lives everyday in Australia, now is the time to jump on top of any issues before it’s to late.

The Central West is home to over ten organisations specialising in mental health so it’s hard to believe people are finding it challenging to get the help they deserve.