Local Resistance to Greyhound Racing Ban

In a highly controversial move by the State government, Premier Mike Baird decided earlier this year that Greyhound Racing would be banned.

Premier Baird’s reasoning behind the Greyhound ban was a Special Commission of Inquiry report, which found “widespread illegal and unconscionable activity, including the slaughtering of tens of thousands of dogs”.

Greyhound racing will be phased out by July 1, 2017 – when the ban will begin to take effect.

But there are some in the greyhound racing community who think that they may be able to overturn the unpopular measure.

Bathurst Greyhound Racing Club track manager Jason Lyne said he is hopeful that this could become reality.

“If we’re able to make it to court, I think there may be a real chance we could get it overturned,” he said.

“I think once they see that all of us greyhound owners are legitimate businessmen and no animal abusers, they’ll change their minds.”

Until the ban takes effect, the Bathurst greyhound track will operate as usual.

An industry taskforce has been set up to help greyhound owners make the transition by the cut-off date.

The transition task force has been met with some resistance; with many opponents to the ban saying that the package will not be enough adequately assist them.

“The greyhound industry provides a significant amount of money to the local community,” said Mr Lyne.

“Any package that replaces this industry needs to be adequate enough to fill the hole left behind it.”

However, for some, the transition package won’t be enough to fill the hole left behind by their passion for racing dogs.

“This sport is some people’s livelihoods. They come here every week to relax and wind down,” said Mr Lyne.

“But after the bans take effect, they won’t be able to do that.”

Recently Greyhounds Transition Taskforce head Dr John Keniry met with concerned locals in the Central West to voice their concerns.

The NSW Government has chosen Dr Keniry to head the transition process for the industry and create a package that will financially assist those affected.

Western Advocate journalist Nadine Morton spoke to Dr Keniry during his Bathurst visit and posted the video on Facebook on September 7.

Image: Bathurst Greyhound Racing Club manager Jason Lyne. Photo by Chris Seabrook, the Western Advocate.

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