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John Oxley Village Returners Weekend Given the Green Light

Campus culture on Charles Sturt University’s Bathurst Campus is set to receive a revamp with Residence Life announcing the debut of Returners’ Weekend for John Oxley Village. Returners Weekend will see former students who resided on JOV invited back for the October Long Weekend, with the opportunity to cheer on their former residence in the annual Res Cup. They will also be able to relax and catch up with friends of old and new on the Sunday with JOV hosting its traditional BnS.

The move comes amid a steady decline of students choosing to live on campus whilst undertaking their studies. Instead there has been a spike in students preferring to complete their degrees online and from the comfort of their own homes. Cost has been cited as a major factor regarding the lack of enthusiasm to living on campus. However, Returners Weekend is hoped to reignite some interest in on-campus accommodation by showcasing the appealing culture of living on a residence.

The Returners Weekend event on Facebook has been met with a number of positive responses from current and former residents of John Oxley Village, with over 150 people interested. Such substantial numbers are an indication that the weekend will be a massive success. Prices range from $25 to $130, with some packages including optional accommodation on JOV itself.

Former JOVian, Brendan Bartlett, was overjoyed when he first heard of Returners Weekend.

“Yeah, it’ll be a great opportunity to catch up with my mates that are still studying. As well as checking in with those who graduated with me.

Even though we all agreed to stay in contact and catch up frequently, everyone just has different schedules and sometimes it’s impossible. So, to have the opportunity to catch up with all of my mates in the one place, it’s pretty unreal.

I also can’t wait to check in on the old res to see what’s changed and what hasn’t.”

JOV Returners Weekend is set to begin on September 28th, continuing right through until the 30th with tickets available through the CSU online store.

Photo credit: Photo Credit: Charles Sturt University