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Orange City Council rejects controversial boarding house development

By Lauren Forbes

Residents neighbouring 194 March Street in Orange packed last night’s council meeting to protest the development application for three two-story buildings – and came out on top.

Over thirty concerned residents clapped with joy in the Orange City Council chamber after the DA for a boarding house that would home 34 residents was rejected.

“All the work we had done came into fruition,” resident Sylvia Cleary said. “But it was a good decision by the council, it was the right decision”.

With the site located close to a local primary school, local residents labelled the DA “out of character for East-Orange” and an eyesore.

“Talk about high, I would have been looking at these buildings from all my living areas, and I’ve got a lot of glass,” Ms Clearly said. “It’s not just me, I’m talking about the whole area”.

Orange Chairman of Development and Infrastructure Russell Turner said the DA was “seen to be an over-development, there wasn’t enough space. There were fears about the traffic flow”.

However the developer, Greg Kings, isn’t backing down on the proposal. He is already thinking about a way forward, whether that be redesigning the complex or taking the matter to the Land and Environment Court.

Ms Cleary said residents would not have a problem with the development if it were single story. “We don’t want to have our privacy taken”.

Mr Kings said he was certain that if the matter went to court, he would win.

“I would probably say it’s going to be maybe later this year or even early next year that we can go forward with plans,” Mr Kings said.

Video clip: Proposed development site (Lauren Forbes).