CSUFC’s 2nd Annual Headspace Cup

Photo: CSUFC’s First grade ladies playing for final points during the Headspace Cup. Sourced: Lauren Caruana

By Lauren Caruana

Charles Sturt University Football Club (CSUFC), went head-to-head with Bathurst District Football Association (BDFA), in the second annual Headspace Cup on Sunday last weekend.

The day was a phenomenal success, despite the slow, frosty start. Thankfully the whether cleared and some sunshine started to show allowing for a much more enjoyable day for spectators and players alike. The teams were scattered across Procter Park in Bathurst to play their match in the hope to winning the cup for their club and helping to raise awareness for a great organisation.

CSUFC club members worked the canteen all day to continue raising money for Headspace.

CSUFC club members were at the drive in gate all day taking donations from players and spectators coming in and out of Procter Park.

The Headspace Cup includes all 10 of CSUFC’s teams and their opponents, under the BDFA banner. Clubs earn two points per win a loss gets them 0 and if there is a draw, one point is awarded to each team.

CSUFC were the inaugural winners of the trophy last year. All club members donated to wear a green headband in support of the organisation and to represent the camaraderie between the players getting behind such a great cause.

Headspace is an organisation with three locations across the Central West, which provides young people from ages 12 to 25 with services including doctors (GP), mental health, sexual health, drug and alcohol and work and study.

With the BDFA accumulating 9 points over the day and CSUFC trailing closely with 7 points, they were able to win the trophy from CSU and become the 2nd winners of the Headspace Cup.

CSUFC President Meaghan Kempson has said she is extremely proud of her club and the efforts of the BFDA to raise over $5000 for Headspace.


Some footage of the first grade male and female teams playing their games on the weekend to try and win those final points for their club.


All clubs and players combined are keen to continue the tradition and see if the BDFA can hold onto their title next year.