Is your weight a product of your socioeconomic status?

It’s no secret that Australia has long been in the midst of an ever-worsening obesity crisis, with almost two thirds of the population classified either obese or overweight. What is not often recognised, however, is the apparent social inequality tha...

Bathurst set to Boom

By Taylor Aiken Sydney houses now cost 12 times the annual income, up from four times when Gough Whitlam was dismissed, forty years ago. With investors exploiting the halving of the capital gains tax in 1999 by the Howard government, and negative gea...

Housing Prosperity for the Central West

Retirement is not that far away for the country’s baby boomers, and many may have their eyes set on Bathurst. Have a listen to this story, where we break down negative gearing and what it means for the Central West.

Macquarie River Bursting the Banks

With the rains not showing any signs of letting up, the Macquarie river has flooded to the footpaths in Bathurst. According to the Bathurst Regional Council’s recent road report, a number of roads have been impacted by the rising water levels. ...

Life on the farm

The Bathurst district offers a relatively relaxed lifestyle but farmers face many issues from climate uncertainty to confusion surrounding proposed new biodiversity laws. Stay tuned for more!
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