Bathurst’s growing Pokémon Community

Picture of Pokemon Facebook page
Picture of Pokemon Facebook page

Pokemon Facebook page. Photo by Patrick Hogan

Pokémon Go is alive and thriving in Bathurst with players coming together on Facebook to capture Pokémon, the group help each other in raids, making friends and walking together to hatch eggs and complete quests and making friends along the way. Pokémon Go started in 2016 in which the awaited game became one of the hottest games to hit the market with players using their phone to go out and capture Pokémon on the streets and parks around towns and cities, perhaps it grew too fast with some players becoming disgruntled and leaving the game.

Bathurst is the opposite where there is a small community of all ages who help aid each other whether fighting in gyms, raiding gyms for powerful Pokémon or keeping others company as they hatch eggs or hunt other Pokémon in the area.

Last weekend saw Community day with players going and enjoying the game capturing the Eevee evolutions as well as getting the shiny Eevee.  Eevee have a number of evolutions within the Pokémon universe, with so many types of Eevee the Community day went two days instead of one so everyone had a chance to find and capture its many forms.

Players community day. Photo by Steven Morgan

The Community days saw Eevee spawn as well as the shiny Eevee and their many forms or evolve the Eevees once enough were caught as well as hatch eggs as people walked around Bathurst with their children or pets. The group has a Facebook page which has grown to over 200 members with constant chat on helping people do raids to get stronger Pokémon to aid in battles as well as friends to send gifts which help in the game from Pokéball’s to healing potions, the game now has trade where you can trade with friends stronger Pokémon or Pokémon that you don’t have.

“Pokémon Go is a great way to meet people of all ages and get exercise” Andrew Field player of the game said on the community day.

Joining the Bathurst group you will meet lots of people, make friends and have people that want to help you get stronger and aid you through quests or help you fight gyms and do raids.