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  • Bathurst winter festival continous success has brought attention to Brand Orange

Bathurst winter festival continous success has brought attention to Brand Orange

Bathurst winter festival success sees surrounding towns closing in on the idea.     

Isobella Meredith

Source: Isobella Meredith

Bathurst’s 16-day winter festival has come to a close, and has brought a huge success to the city and provided entertainment for all ages over the school holiday period.

This year it was the winter festivals third year in Bathurst with increasing numbers from prior years. This year the event attracted 19,000 skaters to the ice rink, 32,000 to the Ferris wheel and carousel and an estimated 22,000 to the two street parties creating an overall success for the festivals creators.


Source: Isobella Meredith

The local brew and bar gave the local small businesses an opportunity to sell and promote their produce both during the day and night over the festivals weekends.

With many flocking to the CBD, the businesses surrounding the winter festival flourished with the extra people waiting in lines creating a greater demand for food and drinks.

Local business owner Tommy Griffiths of popular Mexican restaurant Tommy’s stated “that over the festivals weekends there was not an empty seat in the restaurant between 5pm until close”. Tommy shares more on the benefits of the festival.


Based on the success Brand Orange are now interested in creating an event of their own.  Rhonda Sear the Executive Officer from Brand Orange said “she was impressed with the activities in Bathurst and Bathurst has done a really good job with it,”.

Orange had previously held its own winter festival in 2013 named “Frostfest”, however it didn’t provide such success.

Sears stated Orange should not copy Bathurst’s festival, however focus on how to make a bigger and better festival for Orange.

Bathurst Mayor Graeme Hanger has refused to be drawn on Orange running a similar festival.

Hanger states  “The Bathurst Winter Festival has its own unique identity that attracts visitors to Bathurst to experience the best of what the region has to offer,”.


Source: Isobella Meredith