Greyhound wastage still high

There is still a need for unwanted greyhounds to be adopted across New South Wales since NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a ban across greyhound racing in NSW to commence in 2017. Animal rights advocates are hoping to see an increase in adoption with...

Greyhound adoptions on the rise

The Baird government has announced greyhound racing will be shutdown across NSW in 2017. This announcement means there will be a high demand for greyhounds to be adopted. The RSPCA has estimated between 16,000 and 25,000 greyhounds as “wastage&...

Water – more precious than gold?

The Bathurst community is still waiting to find out whether water out of the Macquarie River will be sold to a proposed new gold mine in Blayney. Under a controversial proposal, Bathurst would divert its treated effluent water – which now flows...

Life on the farm

The Bathurst district offers a relatively relaxed lifestyle but farmers face many issues from climate uncertainty to confusion surrounding proposed new biodiversity laws. Stay tuned for more!

A food and wine destination

Slowly but surely, Bathurst is cementing its reputation as a food and wine destination. A big part of this is the monthly Bathurst Farmers Markets that continue to go from strength to strength. 2MCExtra will be focusing on the unique Bathurst and Cen...

Rahamim’s community garden hangs in over winter

The Rahamim community gardens in Busby Street, Bathurst, are hanging in over winter, with crops of winter vegetables on the go. This young family was caught enjoying a moment in the sunshine before getting to work on one of the plots. More community ...

A Pokemon gym in the Bathurst library

  • July 15, 2016
  • Tech
Wait! Really? Bathurst Library claims to have a Pokemon gym in the library. They’ve boasted about it on Twitter:   @BathurstLibrary has a Pokémon Gym!#pokemoninthelibrary — Bathurst Library (@BathurstLibrary) July 13, 2016 Stay tuned for a...

It’s flu season

Got the flu? Influenza can be dangerous for vulnerable people. See important information from NSW Health on looking after yourself this season.

What now for Greyhound racing in Bathurst?

With the state government announcing a ban on greyhound racing due to animal welfare concerns, greyhound racing in Bathurst has been thrown into turmoil. Stay tuned for more on this story from 2MCExtra.

It’s Andrew Gee for Calare

With the federal elections done and dusted, Andrew Gee has been declared the new member for the federal seat of Calare. He resigned from his position as MP for the state seat of Orange in order to contest the election.
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